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  Twelve years ago and again five years ago, there wereextended periods when the Darfir Republic's currency, the pundra, wasweak: its value was unusually lowrelative to the world's most stable currencies. Both times a weak pundra made Darfir's manufactured products a bargainon world markets, and Darfir's exports were up substantially. Now some politicians are saying that, inorder to cause another similarly sized increase in exports, the governmentshould allow the pundra to become weak again.

  Which of the following, if true, provides the governmentwith the strongest grounds to doubt that the politicians' recommendation, iffollowed, will achieve its aim?

  (A) Several of the politicians now recommending that thepundra be allowed to become weak made that same recommendation before each ofthe last two periods of currency weakness.

  (B) After several decades of operating well below peakcapacity, Darfir's manufacturing sector is now operating at near-peak levels.

  (C) The economy of a country experiencing a rise inexports will become healthier only if the country's currency is strong or therise in exports is significant.

  (D) Those countries whose manufactured products competewith Darfir's on the world market all currently have stable currencies.

  (E) A sharp improvement in the efficiency of Darfir'smanufacturing plants would make Darfir's products a bargain on world marketseven without any weakening of the pundra relative to other currencies.



  参考答案: B

  思路:措施:the government should allowthe pundra to become weak again

  目的:in order to causeanother similarly sized increase in exports

  正确答案作用:1. 这个措施做了之后,目的也达不到;2. 一个会有一个“新因素”的介入来让目的达不到;

  思考:Pundra becomes weak之后, export的量会因为一个新因素的介入而不能增加。



  D: 这个选项告诉我们: Darfir的竞争国家全部都有稳定的货币.有的同学会这么思考, 这说明稳定的货币很重要, 所以不能贬值pundra. 但是 “措施—目的”文章的重点不是讨论措施做不做, 而是讨论 “措施做了之后, 目的会不会达到”;

  E: 即使不贬值pundra, Darfir的产品在世界市场上的议价能力也会提高.这个跟措施做了之后, 目的达不到,没有关系.



  Many small roads do not have painted markings along theiredges. Clear edge markings would make iteasier for drivers to see upcoming curves and to judge the car's position onthe road, particularly when visibility is poor, and would therefore seem to bea useful contribution to road safety. However, after Greatwater County painted edge markings on all itsnarrow, winding roads, the annual accident rate along those roads actuallyincreased slightly.

  Which of the following, if true, most helps to explainthe increase in accident rate?

  (A) Greatwater County has an unusually high proportion ofnarrow, winding roads.

  (B) In bad weather it can be nearly as difficult fordrivers to see the road as it is at night.

  (C) Prior to the painting of the edge markings,Greatwater County's narrow, winding roads already had a somewhat higheraccident rate than other Greatwater County roads.

  (D) Many of the accidents on narrow, winding roadsinvolve a single vehicle veering off the road, rather than the collision of twovehicles.

  (E) After the markings were painted on the roads, manydrivers who had gone out of their way to avoid driving on those roads at nightno longer did so.



  参考答案: E

  思路:A:谓语动词has, 没有变化;

  B: 谓语动词canbe as difficult, 没有变化;

  C: 时间是矛盾的;

  D: 谓语动词是involve, 较难判断是否是变化的。许多事故都是涉及到单个车翻下路,而不是两车碰撞。那很有可能原来的路上的情况也是这样的。所以不能解释为什么事故率上升;

  E: no longer didso表明了一种变化,并且时间也符合(after….)。以前不在这条路上开车的driver, 现在开始在这条路上开车,所以事故率有了上升。



  The population of Megacity, a sprawling metropolis inRemsland, has grown at a fairly steady rate for over a century. A hundred years ago, poor sanitation in thecity caused high mortality rates among the city's inhabitants, and what fueledthe population increase was immigration from rural villages. This immigration has continued and evenincreased. Moreover, in recent decades,city sanitation has improved enormously. Yet the city's population growth has not significantly accelerated.

  Which of the following, if true, most helps to explainwhy the city's population growth rate has not changed?

  (A) Mortality rates that were associated with poorsanitation in Megacity a hundred years ago were orders of magnitude higher thanare mortality rates associated with vehicular traffic, which is currently amajor cause of death in the city.

  (B) For several decades, Megacity, as distinct from thecountryside, has had a steadily declining birth rate.

  (C) Cities smaller than Megacity have also experiencedsustained population growth.

  (D) The great majority of immigrants to Remsland settlein Megacity, at least initially.

  (E) Megacity has long offered better employment prospectsthan most rural areas.



  参考答案: B

  思路:选项分析:A:这是一个状态比较, 没有变化;


  D: 大量的移民在Megacity定定居了, 这应该说明Megacity的人口上升, 与现象不符;

  E: 没有变化,又在比较

  B: 出生率在下降, 是变化. 此选项告诉我们, 虽然死的人少了,并且移民来的人多了, 但是新出生的少了, 所以人口保持没有增加. 正确答案